Azizi Bank meets patients with a “Get Well Soon” message

As part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives, Azizi Bank officials met patients of hazardous diseases at the Ali Abad Hospital in Kabul city and wished them a speedy recovery with some fresh flowers, fruits, juices, biscuits and other essential amenities for 120 patients.

Continuing its honor for the responsibility towards the society and see a smile on the faces of the sick people, Azizi Bank team lead by Mr. Abdul Fatah Karimi, Vice President and Deputy CEO personally met all the people and offered them healthy diet and prayed for their well-being and good health. Mr. Karimi again reiterated the fact that everyone has an individual responsibility towards the society and should come forward and assist those who are in need. Happiness spreads when shared with all.

Dr. Massom Azizi, Dean of the hospital appreciated this noble gesture of Azizi Bank and called it a true return of the institution for the people in distress.

The event was concluded with a farewell from everyone we visited along with prayers for speedy recovery and continued support, to which we will be committed as always.

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